Embodied Presence:
how to stay present in difficult situations

online coaching and workshops

We all have experienced that we feel unhappy after having communicated with other people.  Then we do not communicate the way we would like to. We act blunt or feel clumsy or find ourselves in an inadequate repeating modus where nothing changes.

In the heat of the moment tension or old patterns take over, for most of us have never learned to be fully present when things get uncomfortable.

Only afterwards we see how we could have acted better, reaching the goals we have aimed for.
“I should have…!”

I can help you how to find your relaxed state of being in that moment when things are heated up. So you feel confident to respond relaxed and adequatly. I will provide you tools that make you feel equipped to communicate from your personal “Window of Presence”.

How I work?

In a one on one session, or in a workshop with a maximum of 6 people, we are going to dive in that situation where we can take a closer look on your communication patterns. Like in a laboratory we are going to analyze the dynamics that happen inside you as well as in the interaction with the other party.

First we take a close look on what it is that you want to achieve and how to prepare.

In the second part we will practice the situation and in that safe environment you can experiment with your communications and experience the different outcomes. We will find the best way that suits you, and where you can fully express yourself and share your truth.

The result

You will learn a set of tools that will enable you to stay in contact with yourself, with your goals and to stay are aware of the signals in your body that want to drag you out of the situation. We will stretch the boundaries to enlarge your window of presence.

This will give you the experience and tools to do things differently. You will feel more confident and empowered.






is it






Triggers in behaviour

oh not you again!

We all encounter behaviour in people that triggers us. Like a colleague that is far too loud and makes us either want to react bossy or just withdraw.


Learn how to respond instead of fly into your reaction when your buttons are pushed.


Personal Leadership

in challenging conversations

Sometimes we need to have conversations that we do not look forward to, discussing collaboration, giving feedback or speaking up to power.


New tools will help you to stay in touch with your clear vision and your goals and still be able to truly listen to the other.

Presence in Public Speaking

Present from Purpose

How you make impact while telling your story?

Can you bring across a clear message and still interact?


With the 5 step structure you will learn how to speak from your heart and stay connected to your story as well as the audience.



Your Pitch!

Radical radiance in a few minutes

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to leave a smashing impression, and your message need to be crystal clear.

Where do you start and how to build a solid pitch?

In the sessions you will build your pitch according to a clear format, which you can adjust to the circumstances.

About Alexandra

Since 1998 Alexandra has been working in training/coaching on communication. She is educated as a drama-therapist, corporate actor, coach and trainer. From 2006 she has been working as an independent presentationcoach and trainer with various levels of management. Her topics include collaboration, personal purpose and interactions with collegagues. Her style is hands-on and focused.

She facilitates a safe enviroment where she invites you to explore, experiment and learn.

Besides her work Alexandra loves nature, Spain, flamenco, friends and food.

Personal Coaching

I am happy to support you in the issues or dilemmas you encounter in your professional or private life. With lots of experience in personal development and educated as a therapist and effortless coach I can guide you throug the difficult times that life occasionally hands out.

Let yourself be supported in these times.


If you are willing to take a deeper dive on your purpose, how to embodie your place in the world and express yourself, you are so welcome in a retreat.

In a 5 day programm we will combine profound personal work with relaxation. In a beautiful place in southern Spain you can connect to inner nature and sustainably anchor your insights and experiences. There will be time to integrate and enjoy the beauty of the powerful surrounding.

Do you want to get acquainted?

One-on-One session 100€ per hour


Workshop (2 hours) for 6 people is 500 €

ex VAT


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